Racism Human Rights Cultural Diversity and ….

For those interested in the growing debates about the new agenda on human rights and anti-racism, see my end-of-year papers:

Andrew Jakubowicz  Chinese Walls: Australian Multiculturalism and the Necessity for Human Rights Journal of Intercultural Studies Vol. 32, Iss. 6, 2011)  also at https://andrewjakubowicz.com/publications/chinesewalls/

Andrew Jakubowicz Cyber racism (Grey edition)
in Helen Sykes (ed) Free Speech, Democracy and New Media, FutureLeaders, 2012. https://andrewjakubowicz.com/publications/cyber-racism_freedom/

Andrew Jakubowicz Racism, anti-racism campaigns and Australian social research: a case study in recovering socially-useful knowledge  https://andrewjakubowicz.com/publications/antiracism1998/

Andrew Jakubowicz  Playing the triangle: Cosmopolitanism, Cultural Capital and Social Capital as intersecting scholarly discourses about social inclusion and marginalisation in Australian public policy debates , Cosmopolitan Civil Societies December 2011 https://andrewjakubowicz.com/publications/playing-the-triangle-cosmopolitanism-cultural-capital-and-social-capital-as-intersecting-scholarly-discourses-about-social-inclusion-and-marginalisation-in-australian-public-policy-debates/


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