Research Interests


Andrew Jakubowicz is Professor of Sociology. His research interests cover globalisation and intercultural relations, new media and cultural interaction, Australian Studies, and centre and periphery in social relations and public policy.


Multiculturalism and globalisation: international comparative study
Building on Australian research, this project has now resulted in a number of conference papers and invited seminar presentations, examining “British” derived societies and cultural diversity. Paper published 2006. Invited member of European bid for international research network on diaspora communities and globalisation. Convenor July 2006 International Sociological Association panel on “empire” in multicultural societies in Durban, Sth Africa.

Cultural power and media
Deriving from work in the 1990s on ethnicity racism and the media in Australia, this project sustains an interest in media and minorities – recently published in Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, 2nd Ed..

Multimedia Interactive Research Environment (MIRE)
An interdisciplinary software development project to create an integrated digital chain from research to e-publishing for scholars using rich multimedia data in the humanities and social sciences. Working papers have been delivered to UK and Austrian research centres in humanities and social science computing, with indications of potential collaboration. Collaboration discussions have been initiated with repositories, archives, libraries and research groups in the UK, Austria, China, USA and Australia. Article published 2007, chapter due 2008.

The Menorah of Fang Bang Lu
Reflecting contemporary concerns with refugees and their place on the planet, this project explores the world views and life experiences of seven Jewish families from Europe and Asia whose lives crossed in Shanghai China in 1941-46, and who now live in Australia. The work has been reported in a touring exhibition “Crossroads: Shanghai and the Jews of China”; a web site “The Menorah of Fang Bang Lu” , conference papers, book chapters, and academic papers in preparation.( ); a series of academic papers and book chapters; and, an ABC television documentary “The Jews of Shanghai” (2002) ( ) .

Racism and the Australian social fabric
A project tracing contemporary racism, in collaboration with Fair Go Australia, an online support program for the victims of racism Two reports have been published. In addition this work has provided input for the Shopfront Centre 2005 report on the Community impact of International events, for the NSW Community Relations Commission.

Remaking Multicultural Australia in the 21st century
A project that builds online support for teachers and students concerned about cultural relations in a globalizing Australia. In conjunction with the NSW Department of Education and Training ( ) the winner of “Best Secondary Educational website 2005”. Ongoing research incudes extensive basic research in Queensland,. Victoria and with the Australian Multicultural Foundation; projected to extend around Australia. Encyclopedia entry on Race and Ethnicity in Australia, published 2008.

This Mongrel Breed
Modernity and multiculturalism in global Australia. A book project in process that examines the relationship between the empire project in Australian history and the struggles over cultural diversity, hybridity and social power.

New media and innovation in humanities and social science research
A research project that examines the context of innovation and barriers to innovation in the application and utilisation of digital rich media as part of digital data chains in HSS research. Based on research in the USA, the UK and Australia, this project is developing materials for publication in conjunction with the USC Annenberg Center’s Interactive media centre.

After Neighbours
A book chapter, journal article and associated website on the contemporary issues affecting Jewish-Polish relations globally, with specific reference to Australian based writers. Book chapter published in Jun 2007 by U Nebraska Press.


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