Publications and Presentations

1994 Jakubowicz, A., (ed) written by H Goodall, A. Jakubowicz, J Martin, T Mitchell, L Randall, K Seneviratne. Racism, Ethnicity and the Media, Allen and Unwin, Sydney.
1996 [with Kalinga Seneviratne] Ethnic Conflict and the Australian Media, ACIJ, UTS, Sydney.
1997 Is Australia A Racist Society? Australia Lecture (English and Bahasa), Jakarta and Sydney, Australia-Indonesia Foundation.

2009 (and Mara Moustafine) “Victorian Stories” in Making Multicultural Australia in the 21st Century
2005 (ongoing) : Making Multicultural Australia in the 21st Century
2001: The Menorah of Fang Bang Lu: Shanghai Jewry and Australia
1999: Executive Producer, writer, director, researcher on “Making Multicultural Australia- a multimedia documentary”, a 3 CD ROM set, produced by the Interactive Design Group, NSW Board of Studies, in conjunction with the NSW Ethnic Affairs Commission, the Special Broadcasting Service, and the University of Technology Sydney.

Installations and museum exhibitions:
2001 The Menorah of Fang Bang Lu – an interactive installation, Performance Space, Sydney, October.
2001 Crossroads: Shanghai and the Jews of China (exhibition advisor) Sydney Jewish Museum, October 2001 – October 2002
2002 Crossroads – Shanghai and the Jews of China (exhibition advisor) National Maritime Museum, Sydney October 2002- September 2003
2002 Crossroads – Shanghai and the Jews of China (exhibition advisor) national touring exhibition November 2002- September 2003.

Journal Articles 1986+
1986: [and Helen Meekosha] “Women suffering RSI: the hidden relations of gender, the labour process and medicine”, Journal of Occupational Health and Safety (Australia and New Zealand), October.
1986: [and Stephen Castles] “The Inherent Subjectivity of the Apparently Objective in Research on Ethnicity and Class”, Journal of Intercultural Studies,7,3, 5-25 .
1987: ” ‘Days of Our Lives’:Multiculturalism, Mainstreaming and ‘Special’ Broadcasting”, Media Information Australia, August, No.45: 18-32.
1988: “The Celebration of (Moderate) Diversity in a Racist Society: Multiculturalism and Education in Australia”, Discourse, 8(2):37-75.
1989: “Immigrants and the Mass Media in Australia”, Informationsdienst zur Auslandersarbeit, Frankfurt, May.
1989: [and Helen Meekosha] “Increasing opportunity or deepening disappointment? Access and equity in the Department of Community Services and Health,” Migration Action, XI, 1:9-18.
1989: “Social Justice and the Politics of Multiculturalism in Australia” , Social Justice, 13:2.
1989: “The state and the welfare of immigrants in Australia” , Ethnic and Racial Studies, 12:1.
1991: [and Helen Meekosha] “Repetition Strain Injury: The rise and fall of an ‘Australian’ disease”, Critical Social Policy, 11,1, No.31.
1991: [et al.] “As long as you’re willing to wait…: Access and equity in Universities for Students with Disabilities”, Higher Education Research and Development,10,1.
1992: “Media and Cultural Minorities in the 1990s”, Media Information Australia, No.62, February.
1993: “Media self-regulation and ethnic communities”, Migration Action, XV:3, December.
1994: “Ethnic leadership, ethno-nationalist politics and the making of multicultural Australia”, People and Place, 2:3, 1994.
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1998: “Human Rights and the Public Sphere: an exploration of communications and democracy at the ‘fin de siecle’ in Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia”, The Journal of International Communication,(ISSN 1321-6597) 5 (1 & 2), 165-180.
1998 “Media Frames: The Racism Debate and Pauline Hanson in Australia and Asia”, Marege, (ISSN 1410-5942), 1 (1), 11-29.
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1999: (Helen Meekosha and…) “Disability, Political Activism and Identity Making: A Critical Feminist Perspective on the Rise of Disability Movements in Australia, the USA and the UK”, Disability Studies Quarterly (ISSN 1041-5718), 19 (4), 393-404.
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2003 “Wheeling Free? Disability Studies meets Media Studies and the Australian Media”, Australian Journal of Communication, December, 30(3), 101-122.
2003 “Media Research and the Politics of Racism in New South Wales”, Australian Quarterly, December.
2004 Jakubowicz, A., Meekosha, H., “Detecting Disability: Moving beyond metaphor in the crime fiction of Jeffrey Deaver”, Disability Studies Quarterly, 42, 2.
2004 “To the Lodz station” found at
2005 “Multiculturalism in Australia; apogee or nadir?” Canadian Diversity, 4:1, Winter, 15-18.
2005 “The Menorah of Fang Bang Lu” Vectors, 1:1 found at Vectors Journal
2005 Jakubowicz, A, “Religion and Australian Cultural Diversity”, Canadian Diversity, Fall, 51-55.
2006 Jakubowicz, A “Hobbits and Orcs: the street politics of race and masculinity”, Australian Policy Options, 44, March.
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2006 “What does multiculturalism mean to you: interviews with Hass Dellal, John Nieuwenhuysen, Trang Thomas, Carla Zampatti, Gary Bouma, Susan Carland, and Sir James Gobbo”, This Generation, Making Multicultural Australia, accessed 28 November 2006 at
(19 April 2006) “Yellowcake John”, New Matilda, accessed 28 November 2006 at
(27 September 2006) “Multiculturalism: Paki-bashing from Bradford to Bankstown”, New Matilda, accessed 28 November 2006 at
(15 November 2006) “Reflections on a Multicultural Nation”, OnLine Opinion, accessed 28 November 2006 at
2007 “Bridging the Mire between E-Research and E-Publishing for Multimedia Digital Scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences: An Australian Case Study”, Webology, 4 (1), accessed 25 January 2007 at
2007 “Political Islam and the future of Australian multiculturalism” National Identities 9:1, 265-280.
2010 Jakubowicz, A. and van Leeuwen, T. (2010) “The Goldberg variations 1: Assessing the academic quality of multidimensional linear texts and their re-emergence in multimedia publications”, Discourse and Society 4 (4), 361-378.  Linked to:
Jakubowicz, A. (2008) “David Theo Goldberg on BLUE VELVET”,, retrieved 27 Nov 2010, and
Jakubowicz, A. (2008) “David Theo Goldberg: interview transcript”, Digital Ethnography,, retrieved 27 Nov 2010.
2010 Jakubowicz, A. and Moustafine, M. (2010) “Living on the Outside: cultural diversity and the transformation of public space in Melbourne”, Cosmopolitan Civil Societies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 2 (3), retrieved 27 Nov 2010

Academic review articles

Jakubowicz, A.H. 2009, ‘D. Denemark, G. Meagher, S. Wilson, M. Western and T. Phillips, eds, ‘Australian Social Attitudes 2: Citizenship, Work and Aspirations.”, International Sociology, vol. 24, no. 5, pp. 673-674.

Book Chapters 1994 +
1994 “Australian (dis) contents: film, mass media and multiculturalism”, in F Rizvi and S Gunew (eds) Arts for a Multicultural Australia: Issues and Strategies, Allen and Unwin, Sydney.
1994 “The Multicultural Project and Australian universities – Prospects for Progress in Hard Times”, Intercultural Conference Proceedings, (ed. A Barthel), UTS, Sydney.
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2009 “Beyond the static text: multimedia interactivity in academic publishing (Not)”,in Bill Cope and Angus Phillips (eds) The Future of the Academic Journal, Chandos, Oxford, Ch.18
2009 “Religion, media and cultural diversity” in J Jupp et al (eds) Encyclopedia of Religion in Australia, Cambridge.
2010 Al-Haj, M., Bagno, O. and Jakubowicz, A. (2010) “The civil society”, in Markus, A. and Semyonov, M. (eds) Immigration and Nation Building: Israel and Australia Compared, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham,  91-124.
2010 Jakubowicz, A., (2010) “Australia: Cultures in Friction”, in Australian, Casula Powerhouse Project, Casula, 64-73.


Jakubowicz, A.H. 2009, ‘Cultural Diversity, Cosmopolitan Citizenship & Education: Issues, Options and implications for Australia A discussion paper prepared for the AEU’, Australian Education Union, Melbourne,( pp. 23.
Jakubowicz, A.H. 2009, ‘Settlement Council of Australia Submission to the Australian Multicultural Advisory Council’, SCOA, Sydney, August, pp. 15.
Jakubowicz, A., (2010) “Australia’s migration policies: African dimensions Background paper for African Australians: A review of human rights and social inclusion issues, Australian Human Rights Commission”, retrieved 27 Nov 2010.
Jakubowicz, A., with Monani, D., (2010) “International Student Futures in Australia:  a human rights perspective on moving forward to real action”, Australian Human Rights Commission, Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, and Universities Australia, Canberra

Non-refereed journals and blogs

What does it take to make a murder ‘racist’? – On Line Opinion – 7 …
By Andrew Jakubowicz – posted Thursday, 7 January 2010
Grumble from the jungle: naming not shaming multiculturalism…
By Andrew Jakubowicz – posted Friday, 1 October
Race, media and cultural identities in Australia – On Line Opinion …
By Andrew Jakubowicz – posted Monday, 12 April 2010
Worrying and hoping about Australia’s future – On Line Opinion …
By Andrew Jakubowicz – posted Thursday, 22 April 2010
What Gillard’s Government can do on cultural diversity – On Line …
By Andrew Jakubowicz – posted Wednesday, 15 September 2010
Why a sustainable Australia needs multiculturalism – On Line …
By Andrew Jakubowicz – posted Friday, 20 August 2010

Election 2010 cultural diversity wash up, or wash out – On Line …
By Andrew Jakubowicz – posted Wednesday, 25 August

On the beach: selling Australia as a land or as a people – On Line …
By Andrew Jakubowicz – posted Friday, 11 June 2010

2010 Conference papers (refereed)

Jakubowicz, A., (2010) “Diversity and News in Australia” Symposium on News and Inclusion: Journalism and the Politics of Diversity, Stanford University 4 March 2010, abstract at and presentation at retrieved 27 Nov 2010.

Jakubowicz, A., (2010) “Race, Media and Cultural Identities in Australia”, , Racism Revisited:anti-racism leadership and practice, Murdoch University, 19-20 March,  National Symposium, retrieved 27 Nov 2010.

Jakubowicz, A., (2010) “Towards election 2010: a policy agenda for cultural diversity and anti-racism”, Unity in Diversity Conference, Townsville, 20 August, retrieved 27 Nov 2010.

Jakubowicz, A., (2010) “Empires of the Sun: towards a post-multicultural Australian politics”, Chinese in Australian Politics Colloquium, 8 Sept, retrieved 27 Nov 2010

Jakubowicz, A., (2010) “OVERCOMING AN INSUFFICIENCY OF MULTICULTURALISM: A SOCIOLOGY OF THE CHINESE AND AUSTRALIAN POLITICS” 19-20 November 2010, State Library of Victoria A New Era in Australian Multiculturalism? , RMIT University Migration and Mobility Research Network.


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