Works in Progress

Cultural Diversity and Public Culture in Victoria – a multimedia article in preparation for TransForming Cultures eJournal – due September 2009
Cosmopolitan Citizenship and Education – a discussion paper for the Australian Education Union – due August 2009
Australia’s Immigration Policies: background document for the Australian Human Rights Commission project on African immigration to Australia – due April 2009
Immigrant Political Participation: a comparative review of Australia and Israel (in collaboration with Majid Al-Haj and Olena Bagno) – due May 2009
Home Grown: public policy and social cohesion in the UK and Australia (with Charles Husband) – keynote Global Diversity conference Riga, June 2009
Visual multimedia narratives (with Theo van Leeuwen) – ongoing
Challenge Grant Research Project – People, place, property, planning: Sex Industry Dynamics in NSW with Prof Spike Boydell et al. Ongoing


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