4 thoughts on “Speaking to Metro MRC AGM on Social Inclusion

  1. Hi Andrew, I have just recently stumbled across your work. It’s so nice to finally find a decent social commentator on the issues of cultural diversity, racism, and social inclusion in Australia.
    I really congratulate you on getting out there on this issue!
    This is something I am also passionate about living and working in the most ‘multicultural’ suburb in Australia (Dandenong Victoria), running projects for the ‘social inclusion for primarily refugee youth through the creative arts’ and visiting Sudan twice in the last couple of years.

    A question I have and am wondering if you can help me on recommending some good articles or suggestion on best practise, what is social inclusion really?

    1. “Social Inclusion” is code – but for what? Some people think it’s a proxy for social control, regimentation and conservative values. Others reckon it could be a way forward for radical democratisation and a transformative politics. As the government reads it currently it’s about getting chronically unemployed and marginalised scrubbed, polished and turning up to work; their kids off drugs, in school, and generally more positively engaged with their futures. Re practice questions, why not open that up as an issue on http://culturaldiversity.net.au – register and ask to be an author, then start asking the community for ideas….

      1. Yep that’s what I was thinking. A question I have been thinking about and will contribute to my thesis one day is “How can you be socially included if you obviously stand out?” Just subscribed to that so thanks for the suggestion.

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