Gallipoli in Australia and Turkey – new book, new chapter

After Gallipoli: Empire Nation and Diversity in Multicultural Turkey and Australia; Andrew Jakubowicz and Ahmet İçduygu
Perspectives on Australia-Turkey Relations Reconciling Cultural and Political Identities in a Globalized World
Edited by Michális Michael
Hardcover (328 pages)

£68.00 + delivery

Though geographically apart, Turkey and Australia are much closer than many would think. In forging their cultural and political identities, both countries have sought to reconcile their history with their geography. On the occasion of the Gallipoli centenary, the different and shared paths of these two countries are ready for examination. This study features their important interactions, through both conflict and migration, from the Gallipoli landing to the present day. It addresses key foreign policy concerns – such as the relationship with the United States – and domestic politics. Turkey is still wrestling with the legacy of its Ottoman past, including the status of ethnic and religious minorities, as well as tensions between secular modernity and Islamic religiosity. Australia too is grappling with its own ethnic and religious diversity, and particular its Muslim communities, of which the Turks are one of the oldest. This collection provides a relevant, comparative and comprehensive study of two countries seeking to reconcile their history with their geography.

1. Australia and Turkey: New Perspectives between Old Foes; Michális S. Michael
2. Parallel Lives and Tragic Heroisms: Ottoman, Turkish and Australasian Myths about Dardanelles Campaigns; Adrian Jones
3. Australia Turkey Connections: Traders, Foes and Citizens; Christine Inglis
4. After Gallipoli: Empire Nation and Diversity in Multicultural Turkey and Australia; Andrew Jakubowicz and Ahmet İçduygu
5. Australia and Turkey in Post-secular Perspectives; Ibrahim Abraham and Umut Parmaksiz
6. Australia, Turkey, and Understandings of Islam in a Secular Age; Greg Barton
7. The Gülen Hizmet Movement, its Impact on Turkey and Presence in Australia; Ihsan Yilmaz and Çemen Polat
8. Ottoman Diasporas in Australia: Conflicting Discourses, Reconciling Divides, and Dialogical Engagement; Michális S. Michael
9. Reassessing Turley’s Relationships with its Neighbours; William Hale
10. Turkish Cypriots in Australia: the Evolution of a Multi-hyphenated Community and the Impact of Transnational Events; Desmond Cahill
11. Generating Kemalism in the Antipodes: the Turkish State, AKP and Cultural Politics in Australia; Banu Şenay and Chris Houston
12. #occupygezi: How a Park in Istanbul Ignited the ‘Turkish spring’; Erdem Koç


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