On the beach: selling Australia as a land and as a people

We often hear that Australia stands at a crossroads…. And most of the time whenever we need to take a major decision two different if unclear futures compete for our attention. Yet it‘s rarely the case that two government campaigns launched within weeks of each other so starkly frame different visions and representations of “the nation”.

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One thought on “On the beach: selling Australia as a land and as a people

  1. I find your efforts to destroy any sense of Australian white identity repulsive and racist.
    By pandering to “diversity” you are committing cultural racial genocide.
    No one voted for floods of non caucasian or non traditional Australians to be freely admitted here. We voted generally for economic issues and the issues effecting migration were usually under the radar or off the main policy visibility spectrum.

    Noel Ignatiev.. a fellow Jew and former Harvard professor, created a web site called “Race Traitor” where the primary theme is “Abolish the white race.. by all means” Not that there IS “a” white race.. there are many.

    But your efforts to dilute any sense of white Australian identity by promoting diversity fits in perfectly with the Marxist Ignatiev’s idea to ‘abolish’ the white race.

    It is a slow motion soft holocaust. The only way a white person could do this, is if they are either brain damaged, or..if they were a member of a community which does not see itself as part of that community.
    ie.. the Jewish community. You maintain yourselves in isolation, and seek opportunities of influence.. and then use them (as you are doing) to weaken any sense of identity which might represent a threat to YOUR community.
    I regard you as an utter racist.. an anti white racist. Whether you see ‘whiteness’ as a social construct or racial one.. the end result of attacking white identity is the same.
    You should be utterly ashamed of yourself…and a goodly dose of ‘sackcloth and ashes’ would befit your unconscionable actions.

    You refer in links on your Onlineopinion article to a Minora of Fang Bang lu which refers to “Jewish traders” in China… well..history remembers what a large network of Jewish ‘traders’ were doing in China..selling OPIUM and destroying the social fabric behind the protection of British military power. SHAME.. you should be ashamed to even hint at any connection.

    I urge and encourage you to reverse your “Diversity” emphasis and try a different approach “preserving Australian identity and emphasizing assimilation and integration”
    If not, you leave yourself open to the charge of trying to “Abolish the white race” as per Ignatiev’s appalling diatribe.


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